Getting Levi's Johnson - Levi Johnston Brent Corrigan Nude Penis Hardcore Fuck and Suck Levi Johnston sex tape gay jerkoff anal sex
Getting Levi's Johnson
Studio Name: Jet Set Men
Directed by: Chris Steele
Release Date: April, 2010
Running Time: 117 minutes
Genre: Gay
Item Number:

Brent Corrigan, Casey Monroe, Mark Dalton, Diesel Washington


This hot new "sex comedy of alaskan proportions" is destined to be one of the most talked-about gay porn releases of 2010!. In addition to Brent Corrigan and Levi Johnston lookalike Casey Monroe, it also features the Sarah Palin lookalike- star of "Nailin Sarah Palin", and 4 other hot guys. The extraordinary quality of this production includes some extraordinarily hot sex scenes, and enough plot to hold your interest (and remind you eerily of recent events...) Levi is versatile, and in one scene, he gives a hot fucking to Brent Corrigan after Brent orally worships Levi's 8 inch uncut rod, while in another scene Levi bottoms for the huge black cock of his manager/bodyguard. There are several other extremely hot scenes, and reviews have been universally positve! This ia a great video to own in any case, but for Brent lovers, it's a must!

Reasons Why You Want This Movie:

Incredibly hot sex between Levi Johnson and Brent Corrigan, plus numerous other scenes in which Levi's Johnson gets worked overtime, delivering ropes of hot, sticky cum.

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